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“We Don’t Compete, We Create”





The Spirit of Excellence Tribe was formed to help other entrepreneurs learn how to position and grow their businesses by providing them with coaching to elevate their professional development and personal growth.  This program is designed to push you higher than you could ever accomplish alone.  Get ready to move from where you are to where you want to go with a community of support.


Your Tribe Membership Includes

Weekly Commercials

Preferred Partner Rate for Commercial Creation

Preferred Consideration for Speaking Engagements

Logo featured on sponsor slides for campus activities

VIP invitation to events

(1) Exclusive Interview

SOE Campus Partner Listing

Promotion on Social Media

Promotion on www.DrRealTalk.com

Radio Drop

Business Strategy Consultation

Monthly Group Coaching/Training

Our strategy sessions will help you (re)discover your authentic vision of where you ultimately see your business.  With the support of outlined Strategic plans, Coaching sessions, the building of internal collaborative relationships, etc, you will move from your stuck place toward your achievable dream.

We believe that you should dream big and that those dreams are achievable and here is where we support you in achieving yours.

#TribeEffect #WeDon'tCompeteWeCreate

TRIBE, a mindset that pits your identity against your opponents.  Your opponent is anything that holds you back from achieving your dreams….which often are barriers manifested by the limitations you place on yourself: lack of time, money, support, resources, or age.  The SOE Tribe is the place where barriers are torn down and walls and ceilings don’t exist. Becoming a part of the Spirit of Excellence Tribe means you are welcomed into an ecosystem of impactful, goal-oriented entrepreneurs across various industries, who have a desire to see you win! Take advantage of 12 months of coaching sessions, intense strategic planning, and access to many of the collaborative resources available within the TRIBE and the SOE media suite of TV, Radio, and Magazine.