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Dr. JoWanda Rollins-Fells

Dr. JoWanda Rollins-Fells is the CEO of Spirit of Excellence LLC, a wife, mother, minister, motivational speaker, TV talk show host, writer, and executive producer. Helping others discover their passion, purpose, and the power of their gift is a primary focus of her personal & professional development work. She uses her leadership skills, past experiences, and her doctoral-level degree to identify where her clients are and help them chart a path to where they want to be.

With a servant’s heart, Dr. Rollins-Fells has been dedicated to education for over 20 years serving as a teacher and an elected official at the local and state level. She opened the Spirit of Excellence Achievable Dream Academy to help support children build their confidence and proficiency in academic skills.

Through the pillar of Outreach, you may also recognize her as she is the host of three (3) TV shows: REAL Talk with Dr. Rollins-Fells, Power of One Ministry TV, and Spirit of Excellence TV. She is also the writer and executive producer of many other shows found on the Promote Her TV Network. She works with coaches, authors, fellow ministers, and everyday people with amazing stories to expand their reach via her TV and radio platforms at her Mainstage Production Studio.

As an author, Dr. Rollins-Fells has written curriculum, poetry, magazine articles, sermons, and empowerment messages.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Rollins-Fells Specializes in Topics To:

Reframe Reality

Empower Vision

Activate Faith

Liberate Legacy

Dr. Rollins-Fells has been in the field of education & business for 20 years. She has degrees and certifications in the following fields:

Strategic Planning

Working in Excellence

Mindset Makeover

Change Management

Organization Effectiveness

Outreach & Engagement

Leadership Development

Legacy Mindset

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